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Laminated Glass, Advantages and Dis advantages

What is Laminated Glass or Safety Glass?

Laminated safety glass consists of two or more layers of glass glued together using one or more plastic inter layers using high heat and pressure.
It offers greater protection against accidental injury, burglary, and severe weather conditions

As with any building material and components, there are advantages and disadvantages for installing laminated glass. Before you mke a decision to replace your existing glass with laminated glass, be sure to consider it features and issues to make sure you have taken the right decision.


Major feature of the laminated glass is its security. laminated glass cannot be cut from outside, this makes it impossible for a burglar to use glass cutter to gain access to your home, and greatly reduces the risk of burglary.

Sound Proof
Laminated glass greatly reduces sound going in or out of your building as it passes through a laminated glass window. Sound proofing works extremely well with two panes of laminated glass instead of single glass. The usage of laminated glass has been proven to be an excellent barrier in reducing unwanted noise and sound

UV Protection
Laminated Glass protects from adverse weather conditions and UV rays. It contains a special film that blocks most of the UV light from coming in.
It help to reduce heat from sunlight by ultimately reducing air conditioning costs.

Laminated windows will need to be replaced less often than regular glass windows. It simply lasts longer. You can save lot of money on renovation

Dis Advantages

Laminated glasses are more expensive than regular glass. This is because they require a lot more steps during the manufacturing process and because they have several layers of material.

Poor Installation
Laminated glass installation is a skilled job which requires professional help. If its not installed properly there is no point in installing an expensive glass for your building

There are many good reasons for installing laminated windows. However, there are a few disadvantages that you need to consider before spending your money on this expensive product.

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