Reflective Glass – All you need to know

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  • 25 Sep 2019

Glass has become an integral material for almost all kinds of construction projects. Architects are using glass extensively in construction to make the structure sustainable. Due to advancements in technology, various applications are performed using glass making it the most flexible option for the industry. Commercial and corporate buildings nowadays moved to glass facades to increase their aesthetics.

Reflective glass is a processed glass that reflects more amount of light and provides a mirror-like finish. Reflective glass helps a building to achieve a high standard of visual appeal by reflecting a greater amount of heat than normal tinted float glass, bringing brilliant colours and fine details to life.

Advantages of Reflective Glass

As it reflects natural light, reflective glass provides privacy in commercial and residential buildings

Glare Control
It reduces glare from direct sun, which eliminates the need for blinds and other window coverings

Visual Appearance
The appearance of the reflective glass on your building’s exterior will change as the light source changes from morning to evening

Disadvantages of Reflective Glass

The visible light transmission is less than float glass. So more artificial lighting should be used inside the buildings for adequate lightings

Heat Sensitivity
In winters, it can block the essential solar heat. So we may have to spend more amount on room heating during winters


Reflective glass or mirror glass has wide applications in interior and exterior designs. It is widely used in bathrooms, dressing rooms, living rooms in interior applications and used in facades and paneling for large buildings

Available Size and Thickness:

Reflective glass is available in thickness ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm. The standard size of available glass sheets is 250 mm X 250 mm, and the maximum size is 3210 mm X 2250 mm. Custom made sizes are also available on request.

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