Amplimesh Grills

The majority of home owners usually choose this product as it provides a high level of strength at an economical price. Hinged and sliding security doors can be provided with a single deadlock (1 Point) or Triple deadlock (3 Point) locking system depending on the level of security required.

This product is available in a multitude of colors and also comes fitted with insect screens as standard. The prowler proof welded diamond design is a robust product that can offer you and your The Amplimesh Grille range is our most popular and premium security door and fly screen solution.

Measured, made and installed by an experienced Amplimesh Dealer,Amplimesh Security doors and windows allow you to take advantage of the warm weather by opening doors to let fresh air circulate through your home, while still being secure from flies, mosquitoes, bugs and most importantly, intruders.

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