Benefits of Aluminium Extrusions and Profiles

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  • 22 Feb 2021

Aluminum in general, and aluminium extrusions in particular, offer a number of benefits compared to other alternative materials and processes. Aluminum is a very commonly specified material for use in extrusions and shape profiles because it possesses unique combination special characteristics that make it best suited for the shaping and forming metal from different sections.

Design Options

Aluminum is naturally soft and lightweight. The process offers high levels of design flexibility as the metal can be moulded into different shapes and contours.

Less Expensive

Aluminium extrusions require less tooling costs than alternative methods, allowing for the cost of production to be kept to a minimum, while producing excellent results.

Better Finish

Aluminum extrusions have an excellent surface finish. The finishing options include CNC machining, brushing, cutting, drilling, tapping, forming services depending on your individual needs.

Eco Friendly

Even though its a natural product, Aluminium doesn’t require cutting of trees, the way wood does. It’s also highly recyclable.

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