Bohle hand tools for glazing industry

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  • 25 Sep 2020

One of the first steps while processing glass is cutting large panes into smaller units. By scoring the glass surface, tensions in the glass are released and lead to the break when bending the pane in a controlled manner – either by hand or with a tool. Only when using a suitable tool is it guaranteed that the glass breaks precisely where desired. In this blog let us find Bohle’s selections of products for cutting and breaking flat glass.

Glass Cutters

Bohle new generation of oil glass cutters are made of plastic from the Silberschnitt® 3000 series with our Silberschnitt cutting fluid for an ideal breaking edge, and the matching diamond hand grinder for direct deburring and grinding of glass edges, ceramics and granite. The Silberschnitt® 3001.0 oil glass have ergonomic plastic handle with a matching finger recess for the ideal position of the glass cutter.

Suction Lifter

Excellent tool for working quickly and efficiently · suitable for all materials with flat and airtight surfaces · the valve on the handle for releasing the suction lifter allows one-handed operation also in hazardous areas

We have curated only a few of the most commonly used tools. Bohle has endless range of tools and accessories to choose from. Visit our showrooms to experience it.