Curtain Wall Systems and the benefits

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  • 23 May 2019

As there has been an observed increase in the high rise building, the curtain wall systems have become an important part of it. Here is everything that you need to know about the curtain wall systems.

What is meant by the Curtain wall system? 

The curtain wall is basically a thin wall that is made of an aluminum frame. There are different fillings that come with it and include thin stones, panels, and metal. The building structure and framing are joined together. The load of the roof is not bear by the system. Instead, there is a reliance on the structure of the building and to be specific on the floor line.

History of Curtain Wall System:

Years back in around 1930 are the curtain wall systems that had come into existing during World War Two. This was also the time when aluminum had come into use for other things apart from the military requirements.

In present times, the curtain wall system is gaining structural importance. These work in a similar way to the other structural elements. Because of the fact that these systems are exposed to the exterior atmosphere in a constant manner, the curtain wall systems are designed in an appropriate way and also the installation and maintenance are taken good care of. All of this also is dependent upon the durability and function of these systems that are installed for supporting the building structure.

Different types of Curtain Wall Systems:

The curtain walls in the factory are precast. After this, these systems are assembled before they are taken to the new site. There are mainly two kinds of curtain wall systems that depend on the methods in the manner that these components are assembled.

  • Stick Curtain Wall systems
  • Unitized Curtain Wall Systems
  1. Stick Curtain Wall Systems:

These are the kind of curtain wall systems in which the different components are assembled with one piece at a time. The Stick Curtain Wall system generally is installed in the low rise buildings or areas where the region is small. This is because of the fact that in a situation to reach to the high elevation, there is a requirement of the exterior access. There is flexibility in the system as the onsite adjustments need to be made. There is also an advantage of the shipping cost that is low but the only con is that there labor and time consumption. These are also the factors that must never be overlooked as it can have a great impact.

  • Unitized Curtain Wall System:

This is the kind of curtain wall system in which all of the parts have already been assembled in the factory. These components come in the form of a single unit when these are manufactured from the factory site. This is a big advantage as there now no requirement for the installation individually. There is a direct proportion of the Unitized curtain wall size and the floor to floor height structure.

These are mainly famous in the high rise building and there is no support needed externally like that of cranes and scaffolding. There can be a small need of mini cranes at times. This system provides the benefits for fast construction and the high quality of these components that are manufactured under strict regulations in the factory settings. Although in this kind of wall system installation there is an increased observation of shipping charges as there is a requirement of the large and better protection while taking it to the site.

The different components of the curtain walls:

Here are some of the structural elements of a single curtain wall unit installed in the building structure


Vision Glass

What are vision Glasses?

In some of the wall systems, the transparent glass is installed which is called the vision glass. It comes with double and triple glazing. This can also include the low e coatings or also the reflective coatings as well.

What is meant by Structural Glazing?

The structural Glazing system includes the bonding of the glass with the structural framing unit. This is done with the use of high performance and strength of silicone sealants. These are designed and tested for structural glazing.


When we talk about the costs being involved the curtain wall systems depend on the kind of system that you require for your home. In simple words, there will be an exterior shield of the building and also the interiors remain protected.  You get an absolutely free no-obligation quote for your specific needs and this will assure that you get the best deal and high-quality product available in the market.