How double and triple glazed glass works

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  • 28 Dec 2019

A single pane of glass offers very poor insulation, leading to a lot of heat loss through the glass in winter and vice versa during summer. Double or triple glazed glass traps air between two (or three) panes of glass, which by comparison to single glazing has twice the heat loss of double glazing.

Heat loss can be further reduced by coating one or more panes with transparent Low Emissivity (Low E) coating, which reflects the heat back into the room.

Thermally efficient window frames also help prevent heat loss and are ideally teamed with double or triple glazing. Other special glass treatments can be used in double or triple glazing for safety, security or fire resistance, or to match your decor.

Triple Glazed Glass

Triple glazing is exactly as it sounds. Triple glazing glass contains three panes of glass within a sealed frame, just as double glazing contains two The benefits become clear with the understanding of how these windows are actually built. Double and triple-glazed glass windows rely on the multiple panes of glass to make them more energy efficient


Both double glazing and triple glazing window glasses offer unique benefits such as

  • Thermal comfort levels
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • Acoustic performance and noise reduction

The installation cost for double glazing is lower compared to triple glazing, but if you can pay the initial higher price for triple glazed glass, you can reap the financial benefits later. Research has shown that if you replace single or old double glazed windows with triple glazing windows, you can cut your energy bills by 50%.

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