How to design and build Energy Efficient Buildings

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  • 12 Feb 2020

Windows are more than just one of the elements of a building. It is one of the integral part bringing in light and offering views that connect the interior with the outdoors, they can significantly help with designing and constructing energy efficient buildings

Windows can be a major source of unwanted heat gain during summer and cause significant heat loss during winter. An average building has 85% heat gain and 49% heat loss through its windows. You can prevent up to 70% heat transfer and drastically reduce your energy costs with the right energy efficient windows.

How to ?

There are many different types of glass, cladding and frames to choose from and selecting the right one is critical to improving energy efficiency, controlling noise, maintenance and security of a building.

At Alphaglass LLC with the right glazing solution, we know you can prevent up to 70% heat transfer and drastically reduce energy costs while improving the comfort of your interior environment for your home or business.

Our highly-qualified, experienced and accredited project managers and glaziers can provide the right guidance on energy efficiency and sound control. We will ensure every facade and glass project is managed to the highest standards.

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