Tinted Mirrors or Coloured Mirrors Everything you need to know

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  • 24 May 2021

Adding a pop of colour to your internal space is an immense way to make the visual interest. Coloured mirror glass is an option to traditional upgrades, such as new coat or a bright throw cushion. Some glass shops present a diversity of coloured mirror choices. The most widespread collections are typically green, bronze and gray. Though, there are also selections for even bolder colours, such as pink, purple, red and even yellow. Now it’s probable to see the world throughout golden-coloured glass. After all, there’s a tinted mirror style that’s going well-built in the world of high-end plan, and it’s developing its way into the catalogues of our favourite vendors as well. Curious, striking, statistical and irrefutably modern, tinted mirrors are a part work of fine art, & reflective surface.

Today we’re taking a glance at the various ways tinted mirrors are creating an impact in the realms of art and design. Read on to find out how you can imaginatively integrate them into your home. There are many diverse designs featuring reflective tinted glass, from the large to the  tiny-one. As the bulk of the room is black and white, the balmy tone of this huge mirror has a inundated & remarkable look. Some coloured mirrors are the true works of art, crafted to rejoice elements of design and originality. This Tinted Mirror is in fact, the two main portions: one real mirror and one part of coloured glass that makes a “tinted mirror” feel. The glass is hanging from the ceiling, whilst the mirror is mounted to the wall. The design results in a 3D item.

Tinted mirrors are precisely what the name implies, mirrors with a tinted shade. Because of the coloured tone, contrived into the glass, a tinted mirror may appear a little bit shadowy than its normal silvered matching part. Some of the tinted mirrors also have consistency. This consistency is a component of design that describes the surfaces of outlines and forms. By integrating the tinted mirrors into the blueprint of a space, it can act as an enunciation or a visual touch that will make attention and raise the feel of the area to being more fascinating and inspiring.


  • COLOUR: Black, Grey, Bronze, Gold etc.
  • THICKNESS: 4MM, 6MM, 8MM etc
  • SIZE (mm) : Any size based on availability and factory terms.
  • QUALITY: First Grade

Features & Benefits

  • Appropriate for inner applications.
  • Standard and custom-made options obtainable.
  • Can be applied to get a variety of design objectives.

Furthermore Tinted mirrors can be a practical option to artwork if you have to make a central point for a room and produce a bit of drama. In addition to being low preservation, it’s most helpful to provide the delusion of escalating small spaces with its reflective nature. We have the skilled technical & well-experienced squad capable sufficient to propose the customers the best options in the most cost-effective way. Contact us for more  info about the different glasses.