Types of Glass and their Benefits

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  • 12 Feb 2019

A glass is that one magical material which has various properties and has provided the architects and interior designers with numerous creative possibilities and designs. It is basically a transparent hard substance which is created by the application of heat to stand or quartz. Glass has the quality of being moulded into any shape and size according to the preferences.

You can find a variety of glasses for their personal and professional use. All the diverse glasses have their own advantages. We will discuss Some of them here:

Float Glass:

Float glass is also known as annealed glass which is simply the basic flat glass. These glasses have a uniform thickness and work as the base for more advanced types of glass through further processing. Float glasses tend to break into long shards and are usually used in double-glazing products like windows. These glasses are well known for their flatness and optical clarity and are available in clear, toned, high performance toned etc. Float glasses serve as the best glass when the budget is pretty tight for the house or office construction. Tinted Glass: Tinted glass refers to the glass that deals with material such as a film or coating on it which eventually reduces the imparting of the sunlight through it. Not only it provides you with the privacy but also keeps the inside cool and lessens the number of UV radiations. The benefit of tinted glass can also look around the fact that it filters the UV radiations which also reduces in fading away of the furniture and carpet.

Toughened Glass:

Toughened glass is considered to be far more resistant to breakage if compared with float glasses it is five times stronger than the float glass. These glasses are a product of float glass being treating with thermal tempering process. These are also known as tempered glass. One of the biggest advantages of toughened glass is the fact that if it breaks it shatters rather than breaking into dangerous shards.

Laminated Glass:

Known as safety glass, laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of glass which are bonded together with an interlayer designed to improve acoustics and impact resistance. Laminated glass is durable and protects from the harmful UV traditions of the sun.

Low Emission Glass:

The low emission glass or low-e glass was created to minimize the
amount of infrared and UV rays that pass through the glass into your house or work area. The Low-E glass has a microscopically thin coating which is transparent and is responsible to reflect the heat. Another benefit of opting for low emission glass for your windows is that it helps in keeping the heat and cool inside your house. It also helps in saving money on utility bills.

Double Glazing Glass:

Double glazing glasses are the ones where two panels of glasses are sealed and are separated by a layer of air or argon gas. The double-glazing glass can work as an excellent insulation performer as it helps in reducing your energy costs. Due to the presence of two glass panels, the double glazing glass can minimize the noise and reduce the condensation.

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