Which Aluminium window styles are best suited for You?

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  • 11 Mar 2019

What is the most important thing that makes your house complete and looks fantastic? No, it’s not just the wall and the colours on it; nor it is the interior or the outer view. Door and windows also play a significant role in looks and even our convenience. Here we are going to focus on the Aluminium Window Styles that would not only make your house look great, but they also have some remarkable benefits. Read more to know them and make your choice wisely, as windows are a one-time investment that lasts quite long.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are best suited for houses that have limited wall spaces. You may not wish to hear the unwanted bangs of the window doors when the wind blows, wherefore sliding windows can be the best in such cases. These windows have an Aluminum fitted border fixed with glass either black coated or transparent. You can slide then either way horizontally, provides the wings are not attached.


  •    Easy to use as well as install
  •    Low maintenance
  •    Highly Durable
  •    Space saver


  •    Improper setup or installation may cause the slider to not slide properly

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are well designed with two vertically moving sash panels that are allowed to move up and down to open and close independently. These two sash panels can also be used to create a ventilator as you can easily adjust the width of the boards with a tensioner you want to open. These double hung windows look great on houses or flats except the ground floor.


  •    Good for ventilation.
  •   Adjustable panels help in customizing the open and closure
  •   Looks classy
  •    Easy to maintain


  •    Can be prone to accidents while adjusting
  •    Needs more outer space

Bi-fold windows

Just like we have collapsible gates made up of iron we can also apply the same idea at our windows b installing these bi-fold windows. This window is best to open a more extensive space when you open them, as they can be bi-folded and can even be collapsed when needed. As the old windows had two doors that used to open in either direction, similar is the only difference is they are connected to the next adjacent side.


  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to use
  • Wide Open
  • Space Saving


  • Bi-fold windows run a high chance of getting overhung if the proper ratio is not maintained