Key Features of a Glass Railing or Balustrade

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  • 9 Sep 2021

The visual impact of glass railing is impeccable as it makes the areas feel open and larger It also adds up value and luxury and with correct installation, it is incredibly functional and safe.
Nowadays architects and interior designers are big fan of frameless glass railing and balustrades. We shall take a closer look at the significant advantages a glass railing can offer over their wooden or metal counterparts.

Easy Maintenance

With the help of just a clean moist piece of cloth, you can have your glass balustrade looking spotless and lustrous with only a few wipes. You can always polish it and have it looking great again when there is a small scratch on it. Balustrades made from other materials such as wood or steel might be challenging to maintain. You never have to worry about glass getting discolored and need not have to apply paint every couple of years to look neat and fresh

Creates Illusion of Space

Whether it is an apartment, house or an office building use of glass in the construction of railings gives the illusion of more space compared to aluminum, metal, timber or iron which blocks your view and making it look congested.

Design Flexibility

A glass railing will offer you enhanced sophistication that will integrate well with any kind of design. The transparent nature of glass have the flexibility and integrate well into practically any kind of design.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Other kinds of balustrades such as aluminium, metal and wood tend to have gaps in between their railings, which can be quite a risk to children. Using glass gives you a completely sealed enclosure which enhances safety. Using tempered or laminated glass provides you added protection from shattering.

Eco Friendly and Durable

Glass is easy to recycle and chemically inactive which doesnt have toxic emission and corrosion. Unlike metal and wood, the durability of glass is almost constant making it an excellent choice.

A glass balustrade has the ability to add charm to any structure whether its an office building, swimming pool fence or a stair case. Get in touch with our Fabrication Division to learn more about the choices and pricing