Safety glass and accessories for shower screens

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  • 20 Nov 2019

Make a splash with a shower screen using Alphalglass specially-formulated safety toughened glass to remain robust at all times, Our safety glass shower screens reduce the amount of maintenance needed. Providing a perfect solution for any bathroom.

Glass Shower Screens

A glass shower screen will provide a strong and stylish room. Glasses are available in 8mm and 10 mm toughened glass thickness, you have the option to use Low Emission (extra clear glass) for the additional Wow Factor.

Choosing a bespoke shower screen from Alphaglass LLC is a smart investment to make. Not only the benefit from the decorative finish it provides, but the glass shower screen is also designed to provide you with a sturdy screen for protecting the entire bathroom from flooding. As well as this, the bespoke shower screen will work out to be cost-efficient, allowing you to save money for future investments.

Frameless Clutter-Free Screens

Frameless glass enclosures add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom as more glass and less hardware give a spacious look to the bathroom. These maintain the functionality and effectiveness with the usage of minimum fittings and fixtures.

We supply shower screen solutions including glass hardware and its accessories to suit all bathroom sizes and styles, they are manufactured to be unique and creative, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable! The glass shower screen is a modern addition to make to your property unique and luxurious, offering protection against different impacts but making a statement at the same time.

Finding a toughened shower screen needn’t be difficult, the experts at The Alphaglass Showrooms can assist you in choosing the best selection of fittings from reputed vendors that make the installation process simpler and easier. We take care of the design, installation, and maintenance

Variety of fittings to choose from. Hinges, Seals, Handles
Available Thickness: 3mm – 12mm