Stick vs Unitized Curtain Wall System

The curtain walls are generally designed and installed to resist earth quakes, Water penetration, Solar levels and Resistance to wind, thermal and acoustic action. It also provide a multitude of different options specific to architectural features designed to enhance the appearance of the building The curtain wall normally consists of glass and aluminium panels

The various types of curtain walling can fall into two types

1. Stick Curtain Wall System

Stick Curtain Wall System involves its components to be assembled one by one on site.The above system gains the advantage of low shipping cost as onsite adjustments are possible. But the time and labour consumption is comparitively on the higher side. Due to its versatility and cost, these systems are typically used in shopping centres and low rise residential and office buildings. This is because, to reach higher elevations exterior accessibility is an important factor. The individual elements of a stick system are commonly fabricated within a factory and then transported to the site which is then installed by a team of specialists

2. Unitized curtain wall systems

Unitized curtain wall systems involves assembling the comopnents as interlocking units that are bought from the factory. The whole components can be bought together as a single unit straight from the factory. Individual installation of each component is not necessary compared to sticky curtain wall system. The size of the unitized curtain walls are dependent on the floor to floor height of the building. This system is mainly used in high rise building.

If the height of floors is consistent and the distance between mullions is repetitive, breaking the facade into units of a similar modular units makes the job easier. These units would be prefabricated at the factory, loaded and transported to the site and installed using the compnents such as glass, spandrel elements, and gaskets, much quicker than proceeding one stick at a time. The higher the amount of repetition, the better for a unitized facade.

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