U-value – Its importance in window glasses

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  • 26 Jun 2021

Out of the total space in your house, atleast 15-20% is taken by the windows. They play a major role in the heating and cooling of your home. If you are purchasing windows that help you save energy, will also help you save some money in the long run. U-value is used to determine what the actual efficiency of a window is. The lower the U-value is higher will be the efficiency.

3 important points to know about U-values are:

Heat Transfer

It measures the flow of heat from one square foot material scientifically. It is used to measure how much warmth is transferred from the heated side of the glass to the colder side. The general range for U-value is 0.20 – 1.20. The low U-value is preferred mostly for glasses that have high insulation levels.

Heat resistance

An R-value is a measure of the thermal resistance of a material. The ability to move from hot surfaces to colder surfaces is determined using this. It is determined by the thickness of the glass. The higher the value higher will be the heat prevention.

Window Glazing

If you want to improve the efficiency and performance of your glass you need to look for many options. One of the options is low-emissive or low e-glass. These are most common for radiating the energy. Low e-glass can be glazed with a transparent coating that minimised the UV rays.

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