Differences between hinge and pivot shower doors?

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  • 20 Jun 2021

In today’s era people are drifting their focus more towards glass doors and are leaving behind their shower curtain fantasy.

Hinge doors and pivot doors are the two most common types of shower doors. These glasses offer a modern and seamless design, hence gaining so much popularity.

We will tell you about the difference between the two so that it is easy for you to make your decision. 


Pivot shower doors can swing up to 180 degrees and can open in either direction. This type of door is most commonly used in bathrooms that are less spacious. We can mount the pivot hinge at either side of the gate and it can even be mounted in the center, thus creating into a revolving door.

Advantages of pivot shower doors

  • Space saving

Since these doors open in both directions, they can save up a lot of bathroom space. This helps in making the optimum usage of bathroom space.

  • Sleek design

These types of glasses have a modern and sleek structure. This makes the bathroom look classy and is more appealing to the eyes.

  • Strong and stable

However they may have a sleek structure, but these are very strong glasses. Hinges are positioned in such a way that they are able to carry weight.

  • Easy to install

Installing the pivot shower doors is not a complex job. But it requires that hinges are placed correctly, else doors won’t be able to handle the weight. You contact the professionals at Murray Glass for help.


These types of doors only open after swinging out. This is not for small space areas, but bathrooms with much more space should definitely go for these. Just make sure there is enough room in that area for the door to open fully.

Advantages of a hinge shower doors

  • Large opening

These doors can open for 90 degrees and are best for spacious places.

  • Easy to clean

No matter what type of glass it is, glass doors are always an easy option to clean.

  • Seamless design

These types of doors have minimum hinges or brackets attached to it. They help in making the whole area look into one single unit.

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