Ultra Clear Mirror is the clear choice

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  • 13 May 2019

For always staying ahead in the business, Builders Glass has always been ahead in terms of style that is in the current trend. But additionally, the main priority of the brand is being able to provide high quality over anything else. And although there isn’t anything too bad in the normal clear mirror that we get, having something of par excellence will be an added bonus.

The mirrors while getting manufactured mainly start as glass, then with a silver backing they are able to reflect things. So as all of the glass mirrors start as glass certainly the main feature is the high quality of the mirrors.

The question arises that how is Ultra clear of better quality than the regular clear glass.  Naturally, the glass comes with certain impurities that also cause the glass that seem to be with a hue of green in it.

In case you have ever owned a piece of glass that was a standard quality, the probability is that it must have been green. The main reason behind this color is the presence of iron in the product.  There are many cheaper quality glasses that are made in a similar manner.

The Ultra Clear glasses are made with the use of high grade and low iron content materials. This ensures that the glass colour remains neutral and gives a look of being near invisible to eyes. When this same class is taken and converted into a mirror, you will get the clearest and closest representation of the image in the form of reflection that you can ever have.

This is the kind of clarity and the quality of the product that is crucial for ensuring that the customers are receiving only the best glass in the market. These can be used for showers, like mirrors and also in the Glass Wine cellars. If you like this work perfectly for the home office spaces as well and also the conference rooms that look a lot more impressive with these glasses. There is also a use of the Back Painted Glass Backsplashes that come in a huge variety of colors. The customers will be able to select the color as per the requirement. The best part is that you will not be noticing any kind of distortion in the glass due to the color amount.

For the in-house fabrication, there is stock available for Ultra Clear Glass. Of course, people don’t like to have a look at the shelves with a green hue. Then there are table tops and mirrors as well. There are some other beautiful bathroom mirrors that you will absolutely adore.  But when there is even a hint of green hue, one cannot overlook it.

One of the things that were observed was that the regular mirrors that come with a green tint also tends to darken the space and the brightening effect is very low. So for any of your next mirror projects, you can easily consider the ultra clear mirrors. As you do deserve to be presented in the best reflection that is available.

If you want to have a look and feel of these luxurious glasses, you can always make a visit at the showroom to get some inspiration for your specific requirements.