How we work with our suppliers

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  • 29 Nov 2020

Bringing innovative, effective, high-quality products to our consumers has always been our mission. To do this, we select suppliers and partners who are experts in their field, and with whom we can build a long-term relationship and co-create sustainable innovations.

We work with our suppliers to ensure that they are reliable and ethical and ensures that their products are fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. This provides protection to us and our customers

The expert guidance that we offer is based on a broad knowledge of the supplier landscape. Our logistics network based on our branches strategically located, which connects these suppliers to our customers easily

We are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality, sustainable glass and aluminium products, solutions and services.

Here you’ll find a list of few of our most popular partner companies with proven expertise in Glass and Aluminium Industry


The Bohle Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of tools, machinery and accessories for glass processing and glass finishing. Divided into Hardware, Handling, Glass Cutting, Glass Bonding, Surface Protection, and Tools and Machinery product divisions


Casal produces aluminium accessories for all the major series of profiles mostly used in Europe and all over the world. CASAL was born in Veneto, in province of Venice, Italy in 1979 and operates in the craft industry specializing in the sector of Aluminium fittings for doors and windows.


DOMUS has a wide variety of products to its customers. Products for Opening Aluminum / steel doors, Locks, Knobs and products for Sliding Aluminum Windows, Locks, Towed Locks, and Sliding Systems for Passport Hook, Products for Opening Aluminum Windows, Cremone Handlers and Bolts Kit and Tilt and Turn Mechanisms and Cylinders


Dormakaba stands for our offering of products, solutions and services for smart and secure access to buildings and rooms from a single source. dormakaba has resulted from the merger of the two well-established brands Dorma and Kaba, both known for their expertise in the area of access solutions.


Dow Corning, A high-performance structural sealant has proven to be a key component in new laminated-glass designs, which are helping to reduce potential injury to building occupants and passersby through extremely
durable, impact-resistant glazing systems


Giesse was founded near Bologna, in Italy, in 1965 and from being a small company it has grown, over the years, into a major international Group in the sector of aluminium window hardware. Giesse creates the most innovative hardware for your aluminium windows.

Apart from the above, we have over 100 reputable suppliers giving us access to a diverse and broad range of quality products. Get in touch with our sales team to assist you further