Domus Mortise Lock Cylinders

DOMUS produces more than 500 architectural products. Originated from in Greece and available in almost every countries in the World covering every sector of safety. Today DOMUS manages to offer its clients with maximum security combined with aesthetics.

Alphaglass LLC is an authorized distributor of Domus Products in Middle East.

Domus offers different types of highly secure Door cylinders based on different level of applications. Let’s take a look at it


The High Security Cylinders “Proton” are ideal for all mortise locks. They have excellent brass or nickel finish, silver-nickel plated keys and they are available in 60 and 75 mm. Proton cylinders come along with a Special Owner’s Card, for protection against unauthorised reproduction of keys. Master Key System is not available, but a group of cylinders can work with the same key.


High security cylinder with Anti-Drill Bars The all new ALFA high security cylinder with Anti-Drill Bars is ideal for all mortise locks for aluminium, iron, PVC and wood. It has excellent brass or satin nickel finish. It is available in 5 dimensions 65mm, 75mm, 83mm, 90mm and 100mm while it has many technical advantages.


Econ cylinder is ideal for mortise locks. It has high safety features. In case of burglary, the cylinder breaks at a certain point, preventing the violation
It also comes with Anti-Drill Pins for protection against drilling and it also offers Anti-Pick Pins for protection against picking. It is available in an excellent satin nickel finish, in 6 different dimensions and can offer 5 flat keys upon request

Profile Cylinders

Profile cylinders are ideal for mortise locks. They have a five combination pins in both sides, while 3 keys are included in the packing. Profile cylinders are available in 11 dimensions with brass or nickel finish. Master key system and group of cylinders working with the same key can be available upon request.

Knob Cylinders

The knob cylinder has brass or nickel finish. The packing includes 3 keys. The knob can be assembled on all cylinders from 60 to 83mm and on either side, according to your request. The development of Master Key System applies only to cylinders having five (5) combination pins.

Domus also provides products for Aluminium and Steel Doors, Aluminium Windows and Wooden doors. Keep in touch with us to explore the entire range of products