Alpha Range of Aluminium Accessories and Patch Fittings

Alphaglass provides its clients with a systematic approach in regards to provide access to the premium solution. You will have here everything from door closers to all kinds of door hardware. The Alpha range also offers a product portfolio that is extensive. All of our products have been engineered in the most intelligent manner. The pieces are timeless and excellent with the design and functionality as well.

The Door Closer Systems:

Regardless if you have private homes or other modern office building, the door closer system from Alphaglass provides high-quality accessories that are smart, has integrated solutions and also combine the consistency, ease and a premium quality functional design. The huge range of product portfolio that we have offers can cater to a range of functional requirements of the clients. Therefore you can be assured that you will surely find a solution to any kind of door situation that you might have.

Features of Alpha range Aluminium Accessories :

  • The range is useful for catering universal applications.
  • You receive a highly reliable and quality product.
  • For visual elegance, the installation is concealed.
  • All of the products are durable, independent of climate and temperature closing cycle.
  • For maximum convenience, the mechanism is highly efficient.

Swing Door Operators

These swing door operators allow an effortless closing and opening at constant speeds. It comes with advanced electronics and has a self-learning microprocessor for controlling and ensuring an optimal power. The range of automatic swing door operators by the company will help you to get satisfied with the diverse range of products for specific demands. These swing door operators are dependable, visually alluring and convenient to use.

Features of Swing Door Operators

  • These are perfect for single-or double-leaf swing doors.
  • The design is modular and provides a variety of functions.
  • It can be used for door widths up to 1600 mm and door weights up to 250 kg.
  • These can be integrated for both push and pull versions as well.

Sliding Door Mechanisms:

Alpha offers you innovative access solutions that will demonstrate how you can change the entrances to be dependably open and close, make them energy-efficient and have barrier-free access. The sliding door accessories that we have been made as per the international standards and blends the minimal door width profiles with thermal insulations.  

Features of Sliding Door Mechanisms

  • These are highly stable and have torsion rigidity.
  • It comes with brilliant insulation features.
  • Highly flexible and can be adapted as per the requirements of the project.
  • Has a standardized mechanical component that works for all operator types.

Alpha Patch Fittings:

There is an extensive bandwidth of the high-quality glass fittings that you can Alpha is here to provide you. The range of options is huge and you are able to have customized and modular toughened glass constructions that are immensely impressive and completely refine the aesthetic elegance.

Features of Alpha Patch Fittings:

  • It can be used for heavy functional usage and has an aesthetic design.
  • There are different thickness choices available as per the requirements.
  • It is so easy to install and saves time and money.

Handles and levers:

With hardware solutions by Alpha, you are offered a wide range of designs for meeting the requirements of the customers searching for cost-effective products for their project builds. With the door furniture series, you can find a suitable product for the specific use of the functional doors that are used to build projects.

We also manufacture and offer:

  • Window Handles
  • Pull Handles
  • Door Stopper
  • Wooden Door handle
  • Kitchen Cabinet Handle