Double Glazed Window Glasses Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • 27 Jun 2019

The basic need for a window is known and understood by all of us and we all know that windows are vital for the functionality and the design of our home. This will help us to look around the house area and let the air circulation be right. But have you ever thought beyond the simple basic functions that the windows provide us? This is the place where double glazed window classes come in.

What are double-glazed window glasses?

Put in simple terms, the double glazed window glasses that are also sometimes called Insulated glass units are made up of two or higher glass panes. These layers are separated by air and then the gas-filled cavity is sealed completely by forming an insulated barrier that is transparent and comes between the outdoor and interior of your house.

Why are double glazed window glasses better?

In case if you presently have single glazed windows at home, you can observe that the rooms get hotter during the summer months and a lot colder in winters. Then the noise is able to enter the house a lot easier. Because of these issues, a lot of people are now preferring the double glazed windows. There are a number of benefits that it provide and a single glass window can just not compete with it.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Double glazed window glasses:

For helping you out in making an informed choice here we discuss all of the benefits and disadvantages of dole glazed windows as follows:


  • You save energy costs:

Because of the constructions of these windows is airtight, the thermal insulation is created. This lowers the heat flow that comes in or goes out. This will make sure that less energy is being used for cooling the heated space. You will be saving a lot of money on energy bills.

  • Limits the condensation process:

When the moisture comes in contact with a warm surface it changes into water droplets, which eventually freezes and changes into frost. This process makes the room feel a lot colder and this forces people for adjusting the heat temperatures. As there is gas-filled between the two glass panes, and then sealed, condensation is prevented as the moisture is blocked in winters.

  • Offers sound insulation:

As the windows have two layers it helps with enhanced sound insulation. This occurs with the creation of a barrier between the outdoors and in the home.

  • Enhances home safety:

When compared to two single pane glass windows, the double glazed window glasses are harder to break. This improves home security. As the seals are tighter as well, there will be a much higher force needed for breaking it in from outside.

  • It reduces furnishing damages:

As the amount of heat and the sun that comes in the house is reduced. It will be helping you with reducing furnishing damages like furniture, painting, carpets amongst other things.


  • These windows cannot be repaired:

As the two layers have air trapped inside and well sealed, in case it’s not airtight there will be a noticeable condensation that will occur. Once the window is sealed the panes cannot be pulled and repaired. The windows need to be replaced completely.

  • It traps heat:

In the winter months, this heat-trapping seems beneficial. But during summers the added heat might make the temperatures uncomfortable. One can tint the windows for resolving this but it will add to the overall costs.

  • These are not a great match for old houses:

As the double glazed window glasses provide a modern look, this might not look good in older style made houses. Also, all of the windows then will have to be replaced with double glazed window glasses or it might look mismatched and odd.

Final verdict:

So these were the double glazed window glasses advantages and disadvantages certainly the benefits are higher and you can choose as per your needs. Visit our showroom to get expert advice